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Training Classes & Demonstrations

Training classes and demonstrations are pre-scheduled events designed to effectively demonstrate and train departments on the use and operation of the TurboDraft™ Fire Eductor. An interested department generally hosts these events with an open invitation for other mutual aid departments to attend.

It is recommended that outside departments or agencies contact the instructor prior to attending when possible.

Blossburg Fire Department Training Event

July 16, 2016
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Blossburg Fire Department
 324 Dean Hall Lane, Blossburg, PA 16912 (GPS: 324 Main Street, Blossburg, PA 16912)

This program is presented by Henry Lovett of Halco Equipment Sales, a TurboDraft Master Distributor. Mr. Lovett has several scenarios that he will be going through to help explain the application and usage of the units. Departments that wish to participate are urged to bring apparatus and their TurboDraft.
Contact Henry Lovett tel: 267-228-6098