Schutte & Koerting's TurboDraft™ Fire Eductor provides fire departments with a dependable solution to access static water sources that are not readily accessible using conventional drafting techniques.

Utilizing eductor technology and water pressure from the supply engine/pumper, the TurboDraft™ Fire Eductor allows companies to tap into static sources such as lakes, ponds, streams, and swimming pools up to 250' away from the apparatus. Quick and easy to set up, the TurboDraft™ can be deployed in a matter of minutes, using standard 2 1/2" hose line and 5" LDH, to generate usable flows up to 670 GPM or more.

The TurboDraft™ Fire Eductor has been recognized by insurance agencies as an alternate water supply device. Water sources accessed using the TurboDraft™ have been given credit under the FSRS (Fire Suppression Rating Schedule) provided that other criteria such as accessibility and drought conditions have been met.

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