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Grand Traverse Rural Fire Department Thank you, Chief Theodore Weber, for the recent purchase of five- 5” TurboDraft units (Model TD-500). These units will be put into service; protecting property in the Grand Traverse Rural Fire Department response area in the State of Michigan.” May, 2016
Mathias-Baker Fire Department Hardy County, WV The Mathias-Baker Fire Department operates out of two stations in Hardy County West Virginia, protecting a diverse fire district comprised of State and National park lands, agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial areas. The majority of the response area is without a municipal water system, therefore creating many challenges when locating fire suppression water. The addition of the TurboDraft tool will greatly enhance the department’s ability to access static water points previously unusable. August, 2013
Crane Hill Community Fire Crane Hill Community Fire & EMS Dept. Crane Hill, AL The Crane Hill Community Fire & EMS Department, in Crane Hill, Alabama recently purchased their first 5” TurboDraft unit. The Department is responsible for the protection of many lakefront homes in areas with limited or nonexistent municipal water supplies. Chief Brandon Williams is enthusiastic that the addition of this piece of equipment to their rural fire fighting arsenal will greatly improve fire protection in these areas. He plans on purchasing additional units in the near future. January, 2013
West Grove Fire Company, West Grove, PA The West Grove Fire Company recently purchased a new tool to assist in gaining access to rural water sources. Henry Lovett gave the members a brief classroom overview of the concept and function of the TurboDraft. Upon completion of the classroom portion crews brought 4 pieces of apparatus to the Quarry in London Grove Township to train on the new tool. The members gained a lot of useful information from the training including some new and more beneficial methods of performing drafting operations from a portable water tank. March, 2012
Delaware Valley Volunteer Fire Company Erwinna, PA Delaware Valley Volunteer Fire Company of Bucks County, PA has taken delivery of a 5" TurboDraft Fire Eductor (Model TD-5). The fire company provides fire and rescue services for a large portion of the County faced with many rural water supply challenges. The fire company joins the list of nine other departments in Bucks County currently using the TurboDraft Fire Eductor for water supply operations. May, 2011

Feature Stories

The continued success of the TurboDraft Fire Eductor is its ease of operation, quality workmanship, innovative and versatile uses, and most importantly, customer satisfaction. 

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Turbodrafts Provide As Much Power As Fire Hydrants

"Water supply was definitely a challenge". The nearest fire hydrant was at least 4,000 feet away - too far for fire trucks to reach with their 1,000 to 1,200 feet of hose. The canal water was accessed using fire trucks and with a device called a TurboDraft.

May, 2013

Successful Access to Water Sources

Past solutions for alternative water supplies, including transporting mobile water tankers and dry systems, have been labor-intensive, inconvenient, and expensive. The TurboDraft is a portable device that is submerged in any static water source; providing access to previously unreachable static sources. This greatly improves a municipality's overall water delivery rate, resulting in improved fire protection. This improvement often results in a reduction in property insurance premiums.

April, 2013

ISO Insurance Rating was Improved with the TurboDraft

The Fire Marshall's Office has accepted the Class 3 ISO (Insurance Service Office) rating for the city. The TurboDraft made it possible to raise the available water supply in rural areas and improve fire protection.

March, 2011

Dozens of Firefighters Turned to a New Way of Getting Water

A steep and icy hill, combined with more than a dozen cars crowding the small side street made rotating tanker trucks a dangerous proposition. Firefighters used a TurboDraft that was dropped into a nearby pond on the home's property hooked up to several hundred feet of hose that ran up a steep hill. The pump was able to move more water than necessary to fight the flames.

January, 2011

TurboDraft Opens Up New Sources Of Water

Rural water supply is frequently a challenge. When water is available, it seems to be just out of reach, 50 feet off the paved road or down a boat ramp not made for a 35-foot, 20-ton apparatus. Portable pumps will work in those cases, but it takes alot of effort to set them up and typically requires someone to stand by to keep them running. That's where a TurboDraft makes sense.

August 2009

Machine to help areas not near hydrants

Firefighters now have a piece of equipment that makes it possible for them to draw water out of the river at high rates, helping in areas where there are no hydrants.

November 2008

Equipment improves fire insurance rating

The equipment has supplied water to fight house and brush fires in areas with no city water service and has played a major role in improving the city's fire safety rating, which should lead to a reduction in homeowner insurance premiums.

September 2008

Just how low can the ISO go

The Turbo Draft is a pumping device that can make any body of water creek, swimming pool, lake, retention pond and more a water source to fight fires.

December 2007

Fire Department gets check for new equipment

In dire situations, with limited water supply, fire companies will be able to tap into virtually any body of water.

June 2007

VFD assists on another late night fire

Along with nursing from tankers, engine established a water source from a nearby pool with the TurboDraft and supplied to hand lines as well as a blitz fire 3 inch attack line.  Two engines were placed in service as the others remained to extinguish the fire.

February 2007

Rita's winds trouble local volunteers in battling a house fire

The subdivision had several hydrants in the immediate area, but the pump stations were without power leaving the firefighters with dry hydrants.

November 2006

Townships purchase TurboDraft for fire department

A fire department pumper, using conventional drafting methods can supply water at a rate of 200 gallons per minute. Using the TurboDraft, the pumper is able to supply water at a rate of 600 gallons per minute, reducing the time required to fill a typical 3,000 gallon tanker from 15 minutes to 5 minutes drastically improving the supply of water to fight the fire.

April 2006

Exploring an alternative to drafting

Historically, the only alternative to pumpers was to use one or more portable pumps, which firefighters had to carry to the source, set up to draft and pump through discharge lines to pumpers or fill tankers.

July 2005

Turbodraft makes it easier to tap difficult water sources

You might consider it a portable dry hydrant that does not need yearly maintenance, back flushing and written user agreements.  And while it's not the end to all your rural water supply problems, it is a valuable tool that has a place in your toolbox. The TurboDraft makes once unthinkable water sources useable.


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